Edmund Jessop

The best way to contact me is by email: Edmund.jessop@gmail.com



I am now retired and so have stopped running revision courses. I will leave this site intact till June 2019 but it will not be updated.

Professor Jayne Parry will be running a revision course in Birmingham on 21st and 22nd May 2019 – you can contact her at J.M.PARRY.1@bham.ac.uk



Downloads and other stuff:

1.     Click here for the course handout including tips on technique.

2.   This is the full text version, which is fully referenced with hyperlinks for you to follow up matters of interest. To read before or after but this is NOT what you need on the course.If you do download this please send me some feedback on what needs updating / expanding etc.

3.   I run a weekly blog of interesting papers in journals.

Exam material

Paper IA and other papers: Iím sometimes asked how to work concrete examples into answers. Hereís how to do it.

Paper IB: The management section is difficult to revise with some odd topics. But if itís in the syllabus, the examiners can set a question. Here are some exam-length essays (not quite answers to questions).

Paper IIA: here are some examples of Ďstrength and weaknessí answers. Thatís only 40% of the marks, so here is an example of a briefing to a politician based on this research paper.

Paper IIB: Here is a mock Paper IIB with some extra data and calculation examples.

Miscellaneous: Some people find mind maps a good way to plan an answer when in a hurry. Here and here are a couple of examples kindly provided by Behrooz Behbod.